Enable USB Debugging on Android Device

We need to enable USB debugging mode on android real device in order to executed Appium script on it.

Basically, USB debugging is required to facilitate a connection between a computer and android device. Once you enable it, your script will get the capability to directly install the app by sending commands from computer.

“In simple words, you can say that USB debugging allows you to send commands from your computer to your android device easily.”

Following are the steps to enable USB debugging :

1. Go to your Android phone Settings and scroll down until you see the Developer options there.

NOTE: If you don’t see it, then it is might not be enabled in your device. Don’t worry, we can enable it. Scroll down the page and you will find the steps to enable Developer options.


2. Click on Developer options and look for USB debugging option and then enable it by clicking on check box.


Enable Developer option

Go to Settings, scroll down and look for About Phone option.

  • Click on About Phone option
  • Look for Build number option
  • Tap on Build number option multiple times until you see the message that Developer options is now enabled.

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