Appium Tutorials

Step by Step Appium Tutorial for Beginners to setup Appium and create scripts for Android Chrome Browser and Mobile App.

In this series, we are focusing only on Android Browser and mobile app automation using Appium & JAVA and we will cover up IOS automation later.

We have seen on internet that lot of people searching for a right tool for mobile automation. If you are working on selenium and have good command on WebDriver tool then definitely you should go for Appium as this tool is based on Selenium and yes it is open source. It uses the WebDriver API to automate mobile applications.

In the below links, we have explained the basics of Appium tool by taking the reference from Appium doc.

Theoretical Introduction

Setup Appium for Android real device

Android Browser Automation

Android Mobile App Automation

Miscellaneous Topics

Will add more information about Appium Soon. Keep checking this page for new content. Happy Learning !! 🙂