Selenium WebDriver Basics

Why Selenium ?
Setup Selenium WebDriver in Eclipse
Create your first WebDriver script
WebDriver Methods
How to execute WebDriver Script in Chrome Browser ?
How to execute WebDriver script in IE Browser ?
Overview of Element Locators in Selenium WebDriver
Difference between close() and quit() methods
Difference between findElement & findElements function in Selenium Webdriver
Thread.sleep() wait in Selenium WebDriver
Implicit Wait in Selenium WebDriver
Explicit Wait in Selenium WebDriver
Select an option from a drop down using selenium Web Driver
Select an multiple options from a drop down using selenium Web Driver
How to submit a form using Selenium Webdriver
How to maximize browser in selenium Webdriver
Multiple ways to refresh browser
Capture screen shot of whole web page using Selenium WebDriver

Selenium Webdriver Advanced

Perform Mouse Hover in WebDriver
Perform Right click in WebDriver
Migrate existing selenium RC scripts to Web Driver
Capture screen shot of partial web page using selenium webdriver
Capture screen shot of Web Element using selenium webdriver
Handle Frames using Selenium WebDriver
How to record a video of selenium test scripts execution ?
How to find broken links using selenium Webdriver
Click element using JavaScriptExecutor
Apply wait for new window using Selenium WebDriver
Generate HTML Report in Selenium WebDriver Project using ExtentReport Libraries

Issues usually occur in WebDriver


Will add more information about WebDriver soon. Keep checking this page for new content 🙂

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