Introduction to Sikuli Tool

Why there is a need to use Sikuli tool with Selenium WebDriver ?


Let me explain you about the use of it through examples :

a) Let say if your doing automation in your project using Selenium WebDriver and you stuck at one point where you want to handle windows based authentication pop up that comes up while launching the application or some where in between in your application.
In order to overcome this situation, Sikuli tool comes in picture. Using this tool, you can handle that pop up and then you can continue with your Selenium Script.

b) Some times while doing web automation, there are elements those are difficult to identify or you can say they don’t have any unique properties, in that situation also you can use Sikuli tool to perform click on that particular web element.

Sikuli tool Benefits

1) Easy to use.
2) Easily integrate with Selenium WebDriver.
3) Sikuli automates anything you see on the screen. It doesn’t matter, if you are automating web or window based application, Sikuli will work in case of both application.
4) Basically Sikuli use image recognition algorithm to identify GUI(Graphical user interface) components.
5) One important this, yes it is an Open Source tool. 🙂

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