Start Appium Server from command line

Yes, we can also download and install and even Start/Stop Appium Server from Command line.

Just follow below steps :

1. Download and install the Node and NPM tool.
Download and install latest Node MSI from This will also install NPM tool.Click here to download

NOTE: NPM tool is required to install Appium from command line.


2. Install Appium through Command line
Open command prompt as Administrator and type following command and hit Enter. It will start installing latest version of Appium.

npm install -g appium


NOTE : Wait for installation to complete. Once Appium installation is complete, you will see the similar output as shown in screenshot below.

Above command has now installed the Appium 1.9 which is the latest version.


3. Start Appium Server
Now type appium in command prompt and hit Enter in order to start Appium Server.



Appium server has now started on default port number : 4723.

NOTE: We can also start the Appium server on different port number using following command :

appium --port <Port number>


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