Setup Android emulator(soft phone) for Appium script

We will be using GenyMotion tool to setup android emulator for Appium script.
As soft phones provided by Geny motion are faster and have really good performance as compare to emulators provided by Android SDK.

Just follow below steps to download and Install GenyMotion tool

1. Download and install Genymotion. We will setup emulator(Soft Android phone) using this tool which we will use later to run our automated script. Genymotion emulators are comparatively faster as compare to the emulators provided by Android SDK
1. Restart your System.
2. Launch Genymotion emulator and open Command Prompt and then navigate to your Android SDK’s \platform-tools\ directory (Eg. C:\Users\him.p\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools). Run “adb devices” command. You should see your connected devices listed in Command Prompt window.

NOTE : If you see in the above screen shot, one address is written (, this is basically the unique id through which Appium recognizes the device. You will have to mentioned this id under Desired capabilities in your script so that Appium can recognize the device.

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